Niels P. Wouters

Graphics Programmer

Samsung VR Jam

Group Project

Together with three friends I joined the first Samsung VR Jam. This game jam was organized by the Breda University in association with Samsung.

The challenge of the game jam, themed Push the Limits, was to develop a game within 48 hours using Samsung hardware. With a team only consisting of graphics programmers we decided to use the Gear VR as an output device, so that we could utilize our skills to our limits.

One of the restrictions of the Gear VR is the lack of positional tracking. We bridged this gap by developing a server application that uses the Microsoft Kinect to capture the position of the player. The server and game application were using a wireless connection to synchronize data using the TCP protocol.

Without the use of artists we had to create the game assets ourselves. In order to create a visually pleasing environment we decided to create a game only using particle effects. The player is standing in a first-person futuristic Tron-like environment where he can see his own body rendered as a smoky skeleton. The player is able to hit or avoid spheres that are flying towards him and will explode once they make contact with the skeleton. The game has no begin or end and there is no score implemented.

My main contribution to the project was being project leader, game concept provider, server and kinect implementation, assist on getting the the Gear VR SDK to work and gameplay implementation.

The jam was a great success, because of all the teams we won the first price of the event! The technology was unique and definitely fitting the theme. Samsung was very interested in our idea and invited us over to demonstrate the game at the Samsung headquarters in The Netherlands.


  • C/C++
  • OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Gear VR
  • Microsoft Kinect