Niels P. Wouters

Graphics Programmer

Mafia: Definitive Edition

Commercial Project

My first experience in a AAA game studio was during the development of Mafia: Definitive Edition, a complete remake of the 2002 story-driven video game by Hangar 13's predecessor Illusion Softworks...

Samsung VR jam

Group Project

In June 2016, together with three friends I joined the first Samsung VR Jam. This game jam was organized by the Breda University in association with Samsung...


Commercial Project

During my time at Confetti I worked almost exclusively on the innovative Protostart project. This included adding Vulkan support to the Unreal Engine 4 and displaying this in a real-time demo on the new Samsung Galaxy S7...

Path Tracing

Personal Project

As part of the specialization phase of my education I developed a GPU path tracing application for the PS4™. The main goal of this project was to find out whether the hardware was capable of rendering a 3D scene with this particular technique with reasonable performance...

Arkanoid Attack

Personal Project

The mini-game Arkanoid Attack was created as an individual school assignment to increase the knowledge on console development. The game runs fluently on the PS4™ in my own custom framework...


Group Project

Moonscrapers is a competitive real-time strategy game that takes place during the cold war. Two players, representing either the USA or the USSR, engage in an online battle...